Welcome to join us

We are delighted in creating an international learning journey for learners aspiring to be “Just Different”; uniquely, a good start with Elmwood International College’s philosophy on teaching and learning; fostering cultural adaptability and acknowledging learners’ diversities. We aim, eventually, to offer a hybrid learning mode of studies for our international and local learners.



Innovating Learning Opportunities for Future-Proof Aspirants Anytime Anyplace



In the provision of quality High School & Diploma educational curricula leading to tertiary studies and employability

Core Values


Our Service commitment is delivered with a sincerity of a smile, timeliness, accuracy
and responsiveness. Simply known as our STAR Service Model.
Our Excellence in operations and academic drives the performances in results and
outcomes for stakeholders, ensuring our continued relevance.
Our Passion is manifested in encompassing GRACE, our Solution Model, an acronym for
Gaps, Responses, Actions, Controls and Expectations, in our quest to fulfil demands and
satisfaction from clients’ perspectives.

Corporate Culture


Reinforces corporate competences with our Learning, Innovating, Sharing and Teaming culture; simply, our LIST concept of continuous improvement.