Application Process

If you are applying through an agent, kindly approach your agent to obtain the admission form.

However, if you do not have an agent, you may contact our course consultants directly.

Course consultant will provide appropriate pre-course counselling according to the needs of potential students and parents.
Applicant is required to take an English Placement Test to assess potential student’s suitability for the chosen course.
If the student meets all requirements, who would be asked to submit application form and relevant supporting documents and pay application fee.
After academic manager to verify that student meets the entry requirements, the principal will sign on the Letter of Offer and issue to the applicants.
 Upon receiving Acceptance Letter, the student services staff or Agent collects completed documents needed for the ICA Student’s Pass application and applies the Student Pass through the ICA Solar system.
Within 3 working days of student visa’s approval, we will notify the student or agent to instruct the student to sign the student contract and other enrolment matters.
 The School will collect tuition fees from the Student at least 7 working days before the course starts.
 After student entering Singapore, school will assist the student to go to ICA to get the student pass, and then student will officially attend class at the prescribed time.