We are looking for you!

      Job Title: Marketing Support Executive

       Duties and Responsibilities:

        a. First point of contact for all IT requests from end users, and provide day-to-day support to IT operations

        b. Build and maintain school website

        c. Operation school facebook, red book, Wechat official ID, Tik Tok etc social media platform etc

        d. Design promotion materials with photoshop etc professional  software base on marketing department needs.

        e. Assist in the implementation of sales strategies to achieve Business Unit’s objectives.

        f. Establish and maintain good service relationship with new/ existing students to achieve recruitment target.

       Position Requirements:

        a. Diploma or degree in Digital Marketing, Computer,Science, InformationTechnology, business  administration or
            related disciplines.

        b. 3 years related experience in the fields of building and maintaining official website and internal online working              system, operating facebook, redbook, Wechat and Tik Tok etc social media.

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume to marketing@elmwood.edu.sg. We will feedback to you as early as possible!