Welcome to Elmwood International College

We are delighted in creating an international learning journey for learners aspiring to be “Just Different”; uniquely, a good start with Elmwood International College’s philosophy on teaching and learning; fostering cultural adaptability and acknowledging learners’ diversities. We aim, eventually, to offer a hybrid learning mode of studies for our international and local learners.

Our Elmwood International College

Our corporate vision of innovating learning opportunities is to foster the minds in individuals who aspire to succeed internationally and to future-proof their advancement in life by advancing on their academic performances. Elmwood International College is to be positioned in Singapore as an international education canter for the Asia Pacific region that transcend across nations with recognized global and enriched educational curriculums and executive programs.  

Our primary mission is to foster aspiring individuals to be culturally adaptive with global outlooks and perspectives that transcend virtually across a learning world, for these learners to be contributing as managers for its people, our planet and profits for their companies.

Our learners are unique and different as they are willing to take a “LEAP” with us. We believe in fostering performance-based competences, creating international and innovative Learning journey for our learners; Educating them to proficiency; for Advancing their aspirations and that they are competent when Performing ; truly, they know it is about “value and trust”. In a modern globalized world, we believe our LEAP mission coupled with our core values would put our learners in good stead ahead of their peers.

Our core values in Service, Excellence, and Passion are exemplified by our creative STAR and GRACE operational excellence framework demonstrate our sincerity in efforts and actions to make Elmwood into a credible college for fulfilment of dreams, enjoyments and aspirations of our stakeholders.  In support, our current development of the Elmwood EduTech (Education Technology) is designed to reach out to international learners and providing them with an innovative learning opportunity suited for their learning capacity, needs and demand; mostly, aligning with our “learning for anyone anytime anyplace” concept.

Our corporate cultureis shared with our stakeholders and is aligned with our corporate theme and perspective of “Learning and Innovating”. In defining our strategic planning, our “SCROLL”, an acronym for Strategic Collective Review for Organisational Leadership Learning; constantly embedded in our corporate mind is to award our learners with this graduation “SCROLL”, truly building on an international College-client relational experience. Definitively, it is our college’s learner-centred approach.  

Our Stakeholders

In furtherance with our corporate progressiveness, Elmwood International College adopted a Business Model Innovation (“BMI”) performance framework focusing on STAR, GRACE and SCROLL; in guiding this College in the coming years, in providing our learners, simply, with an education they can trust and value.

Internally, our “LIFE-line” encapsulates in our performance framework of Learning, Innovating, Feedback from External Line; where external line is worded singularly as “our stakeholders” and this LIFE-line is clearly manifested in our College purpose and its existence.

Finally, I am confident that togetherness, with our stakeholders, we aim to build on our gracefulness and extend our star service to achieve amicable College-learners relationship where both significantly understand, a need for our College SCROLL.

Yours truly,